15 January 2018

My book of the month: January

In October 2016, we went to a fabulous day in the Blue Mountains to hear crime writers talk about their books. I came home with the door prize, a package of five crime novels by Candice Fox, Jaye Ford and Chris Allen. That was the first time I had heard local author Candice Fox tell her story and what a great story it was.

Since then, we've been to two other sessions to see and hear Candice again. She's a fabulously approachable person and is always ready to have a chat. I guess you could call us Candice groupies (maybe that's why she's living overseas, now? 😃)

So why did it take me so long to read one of her books?

I honestly don't know. I guess that since I had a couple of my own copies of her books on my shelves, I knew I could pick them up at any time. Library books, which provide most of my reading matter, always seemed to force themselves ahead on my reading list.

Anyway, during my summer holidays I decided it was Candice's turn and I read Hades. Wow! No wonder this book won the Ned Kelly Award for best debut novel. It has complex characters, great storylines and fabulous writing. It held my attention for the whole time I was reading it. 

The second and third books in this series are also on my shelves. It's their turns next!

You can read more about Hades on Goodreads. 

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