08 January 2018

Nasturtiums - shades of yellow

I like nasturtiums. They have a scrambling habit and thrive in the heat, which is something I appreciate during these oppressively hot days of summer in my garden. I'm never been fond of the bright orange and yellow-red flowers, though, so it was with great excitement that I discovered these cream ones. 

My friend Lisa has them growing in her garden and, a few years ago, she kindly ripped out a piece for me to transplant at my place. I say "ripped out" because that shows how tough they are. I came home, stuck my piece of stem in a pot, and it started growing - and flowering! - within weeks. That's a photo of my first flower above.

Last week, I found a packet of Mr Fothergill's seeds for another creamy nasturtium at the local plant centre. Called "Peach Melba" they have peachy-coloured markings in the centre. I sowed all 25 seeds this morning in my nasturtium planter box.  Stand by to see how they grow!

Have you grown nasturtiums? In case you need another reason to plant some, look at those leaves! Gorgeous, flat, veined leaves that are a delightful feature by themselves. Lovely!

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