29 April 2018

My book of the month: April

Sometimes it's good to take a risk with an unknown author, based on the story summary on the blurb. (Those summaries are important! They attract new readers.)

Cherise Wolas' first published novel is a stunner. It's the story of a woman who had planned her life to focus solely on her writing but life got in her way after she had published her books of acclaimed short stories.

When she was 13 years old, Joan Ashby listed nine actions to guide her life. Number 9 was "Never allow anyone to get in my way" and this is where her plan became unstuck.

There is some beautiful writing in this novel and the story has a massive twist after Joan has finally completed her first novel and is ready to make it public. A hefty book (over 500 pages), it held my attention until the end.

Read more about The Resurrection of Joan Ashby on Goodreads.

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