24 April 2018

Three things

Hello, is there anybody out there? I hope you all haven't given up on new posts from me! It's been a difficult time, with lots of time-consuming activities that I didn't anticipate, but I thought I'd use this tiny amount of time to tell you about three things I like this week.

1. The change in the weather

Finally! The nights and days are cooler and autumn has arrived. We've had a longer than normal period of hot days - this is something that I really haven't enjoyed. It's only been this week of glorious days that has made me feel civilised again. Now, if it would only rain, I'd be even happier.

2. Hand sewing as therapy

Stitching these small squares together into Nine Patch blocks is so soothing! I've made a few blocks every couple of days and the pace has helped me relax. Have you tried hand sewing?

3. Retiring my old washing machine

It's difficult, sometimes, deciding when to replace an old faithful machine. My Simpson Delta has served me faithfully since 1988 but it was showing its age by groaning loudly and making noises that sounded like it was going to grind itself into oblivion. I'd put up with this for quite a few months but had to face the fact - it was time to retire it. I hope it enjoys its time in the scrap metal yard in the sky.

So there are my three things. Tell me about your week - what have you liked this week?

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  1. My three things: Oh yes, the cooler nights - so good to sleep better! Doing hand stitch on a piece of work for exhibition - I love this meditative phase after the frenetic printing. And getting gout into the garden again - such a pleasure. I enjoyed reading your three things too.


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