15 May 2018

My book of the month: May

Oh I do love Marisa de los Santos' novels! I read Love Walked In years ago, after a friend gave me her copy of the book because she had read it while travelling and didn't want to carry it during the rest of her trip. I was immediately entranced by the story and the positive feelings it left with me. I quickly followed this by reading the sequel, Belong To Me.

I'll Be Your Blue Sky is her latest novel and it revisits the characters from these earlier stories. 

It's another uplifting story but also has elements of sacrifice, courage, and many secrets. Love wins in the end (as I knew it would) and all the strands of the story are woven together so cleverly that, before you know it, the book finishes. 

This is one of those novels that I am so eager to start reading, yet don't want to finish because then the enjoyment is over. Immerse yourself in this book (you don't have to read the first two in the series but they may captivate you as well) and you will give a big sigh of pleasure at the end. 

You can read more about I'll Be Your Blue Sky on Goodreads.

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