15 June 2018

Indoor plants have never been out of fashion to me

Indoor plants have been attracting plenty of attention over the past year. If you believe recent articles, they are having a resurgence from the years of the 1970s and 1980s as if they have never been popular before. 

In fact, house plants have been popular for many centuries and have been cultivated by generations of people who looked to plants to beautify, decorate, and improve the health inside their homes. Plants in our homes help absorb pollutants emitted by things like glues and modern furnishings.

I purchased my first indoor plant and decorative pot while I was still living in my parents' home. I can't recall the type of plant but I do remember how well it thrived in my north-facing bedroom, which was flooded by light filtered through net curtains. 

I have added to my collection of plants through all the decades since and say 'welcome!' to all the people who are just discovering the pleasure of cultivating plants indoors.

Fun fact: 

Recent research from the University of Melbourne and RMIT suggests that it is the bacteria living in plant root systems that do the work, rather than the leaves of the plant. Fascinating!

If you are new to indoor gardening (or want to revel in photos of gorgeous plant-filled rooms), I recommend these three books.

My favourite plant website is The Planthunter - Life With Plants
This is a fabulous online magazine with many articles about indoor plants, the latest being A guide to growing native houseplants, which shows how you can use some Australian natives indoors.

Finally, here's a fun new app - Plant Life Balance -  that allows you to take photos of areas in your home and add pictures of plants to them. It's a super way to visualise how your room could look with greenery. (And no, this photo isn't my place - sadly.)

Do you include plants in your home? Which ones do you find most reliable?

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