04 June 2018

Magazines and newspapers galore!

Libraries rock.

I've always been a lover of magazines. Dipping in and out of stories about all sorts of subjects has always informed and entertained me, ever since I could read. I used to buy dozens of magazines until my local library subscribed to titles through RB Digital (the library app was formerly called Zinio for Libraries). Then I stopped paying for magazines and took advantage of my library paying for specific subscriptions instead.

Reading magazines while online has never appealed to me. I want my digital magazines downloaded onto my tablet so I can take them with me to read when there is no internet access. I stopped reading some titles that didn't let me do this. Reading solely online is so yesterday.

I told you libraries rock!

But recently my magazine world exploded. My library subscribed to PressReader, which allows me to access and download 3828 magazine titles. But wait, there's more: 3406 newspaper titles, to be precise!

I immediately installed the app on my tablet, chose my library, and signed in with my library card number. Dear reader, I binged.

I can read overseas and local magazines and newspapers for free - for free, I tell you!

I haven't had my local suburban newspaper delivered to my home for many years because the publisher can't get people willing to deliver them. Now, though, the digital version is automatically downloaded each week and I can again read about all that's going on in my area. 

It's magazine and newspaper lovers' heaven. Why don't you ask your public library if they subscribe to PressReader? You won't regret it. 😄

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