12 June 2018

Three things

There are always positive spots in life; it's just a matter of looking for them!

1. This newsletter from Local is Lovely

Oh, it's a joy to receive this weekly newsletter from Sophie Hansen! Do you know it? Sophie is a food writer and farmer from Orange NSW, who brings sunshine into my email inbox each week. Just delightful. You can sign up for her newsletter here.

2. Using a digital pen

I love learning something new every week, even if it's a simple skill. This time, I taught myself how to write payment details on PDFs of bills so I can keep digital records, not paper ones. I love technology that helps me accomplish tasks in a more efficient way!

3. Liberty of London

Who doesn't love Liberty of London fabrics? They are so seriously delicious that I have a carefully curated pile of them. (Must start sewing with them one day instead of just fondling them. 😀)

My sister visited the shop in London last month and arrived back with this fabric-covered sewing box for me. The box closed:

and open:

Of course, another one came home for her, as well (pink and purple this time). How fortunate am I?

So there are my three things. Tell me about your week - what have you liked this week?

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