27 May 2019

My book of the month: May

Ghost Wall is is the latest story by Sarah Moss. It's a slender book but it packs a punch!

For two weeks, Sylvie and her family join a group of university students to re-enact life as it could have been in Iron Age England. Her father is obsessed with the archaeology and anthropology of the times and he joins with an equally-obsessed academic to lead the group.

It's an unsettling story, as the group starts to unravel and we get a glimpse of where the men's decisions could lead. Satisfyingly creepy.

You can read more about Ghost Wall on Goodreads.

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  1. Our library only has a hard copy book...I'm hoping we get a audio for this book. If not, I'll request hard copy. I listen to books all the time (while I clean, dry my hair, ride in the car! HA). Thanks for suggestion!


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