08 January 2020

Australian bushfires: what can you do?

It's been an overwhelming couple of months, hasn't it? Bushfires have overtaken many parts of our country and it's not finished yet. Good, solid, steady rain is what we need to end our drought but that hasn't happened.

We live in an area that's not been directly threatened by fire, though there's a large one not far to the north of us and another not far to the south of us. I'm grateful we haven't been in the direct path but we have been mostly confined to the house for weeks now because of the smoke. When the really thick, acrid smoke rolls over the area there's no option but to stay indoors.

But we can't complain. So many lives have been shattered and so many people have been traumatised by the fires. What can we do to help?

Photo: David Mariuz/AAP

If you are able to donate, the message from the authorities is to give money, not goods. These two articles explain why and have links to organisations accepting cash donations: Do your homework, give cash and avoid scams and Bushfire relief - how you can help frontline services and what actions hinder efforts. 

The other thing that's important is to take care of yourself and people around you. I know I've been anxious and worried the whole time and talking about it is helping me deal with these stresses. Maybe you can chat to your neighbour, a friend, or someone in your family? There's an article here that could also help: Bushfires and mental health.  Remember you are not alone in in struggling with anxiety about the fires.

Overall, simply be kind. You can never know how another person is coping with these traumatic events. Your kindness can help support someone through difficult times. Let's hope the rains come soon.

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  1. Our hearts go out to all and any of you who have lost so much with the fires. The poor animals are suffereing as well...it's just so sad! Prayers your way!!!


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