12 February 2020

In my garden: violas

We moved to a village in the Southern Highlands of NSW last October and it's been a big adjustment after growing up and living in Sydney all our lives. We don't miss you at all, Sydney, because it's so good here!

Now that we have made changes to the new house (with more to come, with installation of blinds and painting of walls to be completed) we are settling in nicely. With new life rhythms in place, I'll be blogging more regularly because I've missed telling you my stories. Yay!

I now have a large garden and it has been battered since we have been here. First by excessive heat and acrid bushfire smoke and ash from fires in the area since December (though we were never at risk) and, just this last week, by over 300mm of rain. That's a lot for any garden to endure.

Sadly, the mass plantings of violas didn't thrive in these conditions (nor did we!). Most of them died but there are patches where they are still blooming.

It's hard not to smile when you see their little faces, isn't it? Those colours! Such happy blooms.

I'll be planting more of these despite planning to include more perennials in the garden rather than rely on so many annuals. The garden beds are large and I want them to be less high maintenance than before. I'm looking forward to sharing more with you.

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