18 February 2020

Three things I like this week

Looking for the positives in my life, here are three things I like this week.

1. Fire Fight Australia

Wow, what an event this was! We watched most of it on TV (yep, about 10 hours worth) and was blown away by the emotions on show on the day/night. My three fave performances were:

Queen + Adam Lambert - OMG they reprised the legendary Live Aid set of songs, the first time since 1985. It was simply awesome. Don't miss it.

k.d. lang - she was totally mesmerising. Made me cry.

Alice Cooper - total energy and thumping songs, what more can you want?

2. Rain

So much rain. There are so many new shoots popping up in my garden (mostly grass seeds, unfortunately, so there's a lot of weeding ahead of me). Some plants I thought dead have new leaves and there are unknown bulbs sending up stems. I'm looking forward to discovering what they are! I hope you've had rain at your place, too.

3. My crepe myrtle tree

It's burst into bloom and I love the cerise colour of the flowers. I didn't plant this one but I'm so glad someone did!

What did you enjoy this week?

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