About me

I'm Erica Spinks and I live in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW in Australia. My goal is to live creatively and enjoy the rhythms of life. I'm a maker, writer, reader, gardener, and dreamer.

I work to facilitate and support the creativity of others and I also edit other people's writing and quilt patterns.

I like to keep plenty of time in my life for pottering, thinking, and staying in touch with people who are important to me.

This is the place for you if you love:
  • writing and reading (anything to do with words, really)
  • making and seeing quilts, textiles, and other crafts
  • the magical worlds of gardens
  • looking for patterns everywhere in our lives.

I promise you an eclectic collection of thoughts with a creative and positive focus.

It makes me happy if you leave a comment on my posts but you can also email me or find me on social media. You can see links to all these things on the sidebar. Please stop by one of my sites and say hello! 

My posts reflect my personal opinions (unless otherwise noted).